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Allison transmission fluid

Allison transmission fluid

A new batch of Allison transmission fluids is headed to customers, bringing new features to an already-profitable business.article The new Allison transmission oil is designed to be used in all-electric vehicles, with the company making it available in all versions of the Jeep Cherokee, Ram 1500, and Tacoma.

The transmission fluid is the second-generation of Allison’s transmission fluid, which was introduced in 2013.

The first-generation oil was produced in 2009, but was only available in the factory in certain models.

In 2017, Allison introduced a new, more robust version of the oil, called “TEXAS,” to the lineup.

It is made specifically for the Cherokee, with a higher performance rating and better performance characteristics.

This latest version is produced in large batches and is now available in four-wheel drive versions.

The new Allison oil has an enhanced performance rating of over 2,000 horsepower and is rated at 40-50 MPGe.

The company claims that the improved performance has reduced vehicle noise by up to 25 percent and improved fuel economy by up 40 percent, while reducing emissions by up 15 percent.

According to Allison, the new transmission fluid offers significant performance improvements for all-wheel-drive vehicles as well.

The transmission fluid in the new Allison model offers increased fuel efficiency, improved engine efficiency, and enhanced fuel economy in the Tacoma, while increasing torque and fuel economy on the Ram 1500.

The oil is available in different grades, with grades 1 and 3 offering an increase in fuel efficiency by about 40 percent and 50 percent respectively, while grades 2 and 4 offer a 20 percent increase in torque and improved gas mileage.

The engine oil in the first-gen Allison transmission has also been upgraded with enhanced performance and performance improvements.

In 2018, the company added a new transmission transmission jack to the vehicle, which is now connected to the transmission fluid using a standard screw connector.

This new jack is located on the right side of the transmission tunnel.

The suspension on the Tacoma and Ram 1500 are equipped with a new “tactical” control arm, which allows the driver to change gears without having to pull the steering wheel to change the speed.

The control arm has been designed to provide increased stability for all vehicle types, with torque and steering inputs controlled by the wheel.

The 2017 version of Allison has been offered in four different models, including the Tacoma.

The 2016 and 2016+ models have been sold in the U.S. and Canada, respectively.


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