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BMW’s RFE-545 transmission is finally here!

BMW’s RFE-545 transmission is finally here!

Posted by Automotive News on December 14, 2018 06:47:18 This is the transmission BMW built for its RFE, which was used for the new 9-Series sedan.

The transmission, known as the “RFE-550” was originally designed for the BMW X3.

It’s still in production, though it won’t make its debut until 2019.

As BMW continues to expand the lineup of its new cars, it needs to keep up with demand.

The company plans to roll out more than 200 models this year, which is an increase of nearly 400 from last year.

With more and more models, the RFE has been replaced by other parts.

“The RFE is still an essential part of the transmission design and production process,” BMW told Automotive.com.

“It is also used to manufacture some of the world’s most advanced powertrain components.”

The transmission’s existence is a big deal for the company, which has been working on making a 9-series sedan since the summer of 2017.

The RBE has been used for some 9- Series sedans, but the first 9-S coupe and 9-Drive hatchback are expected to use it in 2019.

It’s important to remember that the transmission is only used in the 9-Class sedan.

The X3 will use a similar version, but it’s not a replacement for the RBE.

The new 9 Series is expected to come with a few new parts.BMW says it plans to introduce the 9S couplers in 2019, the X3 in 2021, the 930 sedan in 2021 and the X5 sedan in 2025.

This means BMW is now planning to add another 10-Series cars to its lineup by the end of the decade.


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