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CDC warns of new pandemic in US

CDC warns of new pandemic in US

More than 3,500 people in nine states have contracted the virus, the CDC said Monday, adding that the new strain is likely more prevalent in the west and in areas with a lot of poultry farming.

The agency said the number of cases was higher in states that have been hit hard by outbreaks in the past such as Oregon, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri.

The virus, which can be spread through contact with infected animals, has killed more than 9,800 people since it was first discovered in China in 2009.

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said it appears to be more widespread than the previous wave, but he did not specify which states or populations were at higher risk.

The state of New York has seen a spike in new cases, and the outbreak has been spreading rapidly in New York City, where the virus has killed at least 11 people.

The outbreak in New Jersey was contained on Monday and the state has reported zero new infections.

The number of new cases in the United States has dropped to an average of one every 10 days since the first wave, Frieden told reporters in a conference call.

But he added that it is too early to tell if there are any new cases that might have already spread.

The CDC said the new virus is the same as the coronavirus that killed more Americans in 2015, which was found in the coronas of a handful of people in the state.

The new strain, dubbed COVID-19, was discovered in the wild on July 6 in a virus-laden flock of chickens in China.

Frieden said Monday that he did have reason to be concerned about a few strains of the virus.

The strains are related, and some people who are infected with them are susceptible to the disease.

The other strain is more likely to be transmitted by people who have never had contact with an infected person.

But it is also more likely that some people infected with that strain of the coronovirus will spread the virus to others, he said.

The CDC has been working to contain the spread of the new coronaviruses, and has deployed additional testing, including at airports, at hotels, on commercial airlines and in restaurants, restaurants and retail stores.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has been stepping up screening for new coronas, which are the most common way to spread the coronavia virus.

But Frieden stressed that most people who contract the new strains will not be diagnosed until they show symptoms of the infection.

There are more than 600 confirmed cases of COVID infections, and at least 1,000 new cases are pending, the agency said.

More than 1.3 million people have been infected in the U.S. and at some point may contract the coronAVD.

As the virus continues to spread, the U:s government is urging the public to stay home, take their families to the doctor, and to stay at home and avoid activities such as driving or riding in cars.

The government is also encouraging people to avoid the outdoors and to use personal protective equipment.

For the latest news on the coronivirus outbreak, follow our live blog at http://bit.ly/2b1yQeR.


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