Facebook Updates Options on Activity Log Scheduled Posts

Today I decided to actually get ahead a bit in my social media sharing – I know, crazy, right? While online I noticed a Facebook update that actually made me happy! On Facebook? I know, crazy, right?

Check out the great update to Facebook scheduled posts!!!

Reschedule and edit scheduled posts on Facebook

You may be familiar with this annoying situation: You schedule a post on Facebook only to notice that you have a typo in it and you scheduled it for the wrong date! Up until now, you had to delete the scheduled post and schedule a new one – free of errors, and at the correct time. Well, today I noticed that I will no longer have to do this! I scheduled a couple of posts and then went to the Activity Log to view them. I was welcomed by this message…

Check out the great update to Facebook scheduled posts!!!

So, for today, I am happy with Facebook; but Google+ will always be my first love!

Don’t you love a good update?

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