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Ford axles to replace 1,000 cars due to overheating issue

Ford axles to replace 1,000 cars due to overheating issue

Ford has admitted to an overheating problem affecting its 1,500-car fleet, but insists it is working to improve its systems.

The automaker has also admitted that one of its new rear-wheel drive versions is susceptible to overheated batteries, but the issue has been resolved.

It is the latest in a string of problems for the company that has already revealed that a number of its current vehicles are prone to overheat, including the Fiesta, Escort and Q50.

It has also revealed that its next-generation QX80 sedan, which has a number one priority for its US market, could be affected.

While the company says it has fixed the issue, the cars it is currently producing are not yet ready to be sold in the US.

Ford has said that the problem is not widespread, and that it has been able to solve the problem for some models.

It said that it was still working on a fix for the other models, but it had made significant progress in improving its production process.

In a statement, Ford said that while the company is working on the issue for the current models, it had identified several vehicles that were susceptible to the problem.

“These are being fixed and we are confident that the affected vehicles will be ready to sell in the United States,” the statement said.

“As always, we will provide updates as soon as possible.”

Ford did not provide further details on the affected models.

In September, it also revealed a “significant” battery problem affecting some of its vehicles, including its new Ford Focus.

It said that because the problem was a technical issue, it was not known if it was linked to the overheating problems in the Ford vehicles.

It also revealed the extent of the problem in the F-150 and F-350 models, which are among the carmakers most profitable.

In May, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a formal warning about the safety of Ford’s cars, warning of the potential for the vehicles to overheate, leading to “severe” damage to the car.

The CPSC warned that “serious damage may occur” to the cars’ battery packs if they were to be left at a high temperature for long periods of time.

Ford and other carmakers have come under increasing pressure from the public to improve their safety records.

The safety of their vehicles has also come under scrutiny in recent years, with safety advocates accusing the car companies of failing to take adequate steps to keep up with the growing number of accidents involving drivers and their vehicles.

Ford recently confirmed that the first car, the Ford Focus, had been recalled because of the issue.


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