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Ford is looking to add more than 700,000 cars to the fleet as it steps up production in Canada

Ford is looking to add more than 700,000 cars to the fleet as it steps up production in Canada

TORONTO — Ford is trying to bring its global fleet of 1.6 million vehicles to Canada from China in order to reduce its carbon footprint, according to an industry source.

The company is now looking to expand its production from China to Canada and then move to the United States.

Ford Canada said it will invest up to $3.4 billion over 10 years to build up its production capacity and support Canada’s global transition to a low-carbon economy.

The plan comes as Ford is facing growing criticism from environmentalists and politicians for its efforts to expand production in China, a country that has a massive carbon footprint.

Ford said the shift will create “a more sustainable, resilient and cost-effective” Ford Canada.

Ford said it plans to invest up $3 billion to support its production at its Chinese plant and move to its U.S. plants, which are already operating at the peak of their production.

Ford Canada has more than 800,000 vehicles in the United Stated.

The source said the company will move to a new manufacturing facility in North America in 2019, with a focus on producing its large vehicles at the new plant in Detroit, Michigan.

Ford is the second-largest automaker in the world and has made significant investments in Canada.

The automaker has committed to building 1.7 million vehicles in Canada over the next five years.

Ford has also invested in more than 2,000 small manufacturing jobs in Canada, as well as creating more than 500 full-time jobs in Windsor.

Ford has said it hopes to build at least 1.5 million cars in Canada by 2020, and that it has “substantial plans” for the rest of the world.

Ford’s announcement comes a day after President Donald Trump called for Ford to be forced to move its production of its vehicles to the U.K.

Ford spokesman Kevin Kelleher said that the company’s decision to move to Canada is in line with a U.N. decision on the “capacity and sustainability” of global supply chains.

Ford will continue to operate in Canada and will continue its efforts in the U:W.K., Kellehers said.


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