Halloween Cupcake Toppers – Free Printable

Halloween cupcake toppers - free printable

Making cupcakes this Halloween? Why not finish them off with these cute cupcake toppers? They are really easy to make and would look great on these chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow creme frosting.

Free printable - Halloween cupcake toppers template

Halloween Cupcake Toppers – Directions:

  • Download the template here
  • Print and cut out the squares
  • Attach one square to a toothpick with glue, a glue dot or tape.
  • Optional: Attach a second square to the other side so the image can be seen on both sides.
  • Place on top of a cupcake and enjoy!

Free printable halloween cupcake toppers - download, print, cut, glue and enjoy!

Looking for another option? Check out these square Halloween cupcake toppers on my newlywed blog.

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