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How to remove the transmission fluid from a Toyota transmission

How to remove the transmission fluid from a Toyota transmission

In the quest for a more efficient transmission, Toyota has created a fluid-filled unit.

It’s the latest evolution in the company’s long history of building fluid-free products.

Toyota says the transmission unit will help reduce wear and tear on the transmission.

But its fluid-fill solution won’t be available for sale in the UK until 2020, so Toyota is offering a free trial to customers. 

Read more Toyota says it will launch a free Toyota transmission fluid test kit for people in the US and Canada in the coming months, but it won’t make it available to UK customers until 2021. 

The fluid-less unit uses a patented fluid-sensing technology, called a “segmentation fluid”, to detect the shape and size of the fluid and then fill it with fluid-like material. 

“Toyota’s fluid-powered vehicle segment has been growing rapidly over the past year, and the development of a fluidless fluid will help drive this growth,” said Toyota’s general manager of fuel economy and emission, John Gee.

“In a fluid powered vehicle, the fluid is a critical element of the overall system design, so we’ve been developing a technology that’s designed to reduce wear on the vehicle’s transmission, while also improving the vehicle handling and fuel economy.”

The company’s fluid is designed to be water-tight, but there’s a chance it can get mixed up in the environment. 

It’s designed so that a small amount of the oil-based fluid is not visible when it’s injected into the transmission shaft, but the entire fluid can be seen when it drips into the fluid chamber. 

Toyota has been working on a similar system in its gas-powered vehicles for some time, but Gee said this is the first time it has come close to a fully fluid-based solution.

“The development of our fluidless unit has been based on Toyota’s expertise in developing fluid-driven vehicles, which includes its unique fluid-segmenting technology,” he said.

“The fluidless segmenting technology enables the vehicle to perform better at low-speed highway speeds than conventional fuel-powered transmissions, while achieving a lower fuel consumption.”

The fluid system has been designed to work well in all Toyota vehicles, including the GT-R, Camry, and Xterra.

It will also be available in the Nissan Xterras. 

So far, the company has only released its fluid fluid test kits in the form of a white powdery silicone tube and a plastic tube. 

Gee said the company is hoping to make the product available in a range of models.

“We are looking at the future of fluid-focused vehicles in our fuel-efficient vehicles portfolio, and are very keen to be able to provide our customers with a solution that will meet their requirements,” he added.


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