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The GOP’s big gamble on the 2020 race | Axios

The GOP’s big gamble on the 2020 race | Axios

The House Republican Study Committee is taking a big gamble that it can get a $500 million federal stimulus bill passed before the end of the year, despite the fact that its leadership is struggling to find a way to pass a version of the measure.

The bipartisan group is expected to release its first report Tuesday outlining the Republican Study Council’s analysis of the Senate’s version of a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill.

While the House bill contains several provisions that the Republican leadership has said would help the economy and reduce unemployment, the Republican caucus has been struggling to cobble together a legislative package.

The caucus is also struggling to come up with a path forward on a package that includes money for job training and affordable housing.

“We’ve got to get a package to the floor and have a path to a deal,” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a member of the GOP Study Council, told Axios on Tuesday.

“The problem is the Republicans aren’t working together.

They’ve got a whole bunch of different ideas.”

The GOP Study Committee said it was “totally confident” that the Senate would pass the $500 billion package before the Thanksgiving break, according to the Associated Press.

That means the GOP could begin passing legislation by the end.

But the group said that the GOP should “have a much clearer path forward” in the coming weeks.

The GOP will also be required to hold hearings on the package before it can move forward.

The House version of its $1 billion stimulus package is already set to be voted on Tuesday, but the Senate version is set to take up in March.

If the Senate doesn’t pass its version of House’s stimulus bill by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, the House is expected have the opportunity to pass its own version.

If it does, the Senate will have to vote on the House version before it could act on the Senate-passed version.

The two chambers could then come to an agreement on a new bill.

If both chambers pass their own version, the two chambers would then vote on it, with the House taking up the Senate legislation and the Senate then voting on it.

But if both chambers fail to reach an agreement before Thanksgiving, they would then move to conference.

If they cannot agree on a legislative deal before the new year, the new Congress will have the option to send the stimulus package back to the Senate for further consideration.

If Congress does not act on stimulus legislation, the Trump administration could move to the president’s desk to send another $1 trillion stimulus package to Congress.

If a new bipartisan stimulus bill is passed by the Senate, it could also be sent to the White House.

However, it would need to be approved by the president before it gets to Trump.


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