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The RACing Transmission Cooler, 4L60E transmission diagram from RAC

The RACing Transmission Cooler, 4L60E transmission diagram from RAC

Transmission coolers are a pretty standard thing these days, but we can still see them as a useful tool for those who wish to maintain a high quality transmission in a low-cost package.

However, in a world where most cars come equipped with an electronic transmission (ET), transmission coolers have become a hot topic of conversation.

As you can see in the image above, the RAC transmission cooler is a 2.0L four-cylinder petrol engine that’s been tuned to produce a maximum of around 890hp.

The radiator is located behind the driver’s seat, and the whole assembly is wrapped in a plastic case with an exhaust outlet, and a battery compartment that has an electric motor to charge the batteries.

RAC has not made any announcements about this transmission cooler in the past, but it does appear to be a fairly common item on the road, so we can see how this transmission cooling concept could be useful for those wanting a very low-end transmission. 

The Transmission Cooling Concept in a 4L30e Transmission diagram from Toyota RAC (US)  Toyota Rac Transmission Coolers are pretty standard, but RAC is now looking to expand this idea to include a 4-cyliler version of their transmission cooler. 

According to RAC, they have developed a 4l30e transmission cooler for the 4L31 car, which is a 1.5L petrol engine.

The cooling system is made up of a 4.0 litre two-cylinders, which have been given a titanium fuel tank, with a 4in titanium exhaust system, a 5in titanium fuel filter, and 3.0in titanium wheels. 

RAC’s latest transmission cooler will be the first to incorporate this technology into production, and it will also come with a battery charger, electric motor, and transmission case.

The company is yet to release any pricing information, but you can bet we’ll be seeing a 4 L30E transmission cooler on the roads soon enough. 

Source: Toyota


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