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Transmission prices soar as Apple, Samsung, and Google reach $10 billion deal

Transmission prices soar as Apple, Samsung, and Google reach $10 billion deal

Transmission prices are soaring in China, where the nation’s wireless industry is struggling with high competition and a stagnant economy.

Apple, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, and Samsung Electronics Co. are among a dozen companies bidding to buy China’s fourth-largest mobile network operator Huawei Technologies Co., which supplies parts for iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones.

The price tag for the transaction was not disclosed.

The deal is expected to close by the end of the year.

Huawei has been the target of attacks by the Chinese government and a local group of hackers, who say they hacked the company’s servers and stole data.

Huawei denies the claims and has blamed them on an “infrastructure attack” carried out by a group of Chinese hackers.

The company has also been accused of paying bribes to foreign governments.

Huawei’s business is expected increase as China’s government attempts to promote mobile phones as a way to counter Western surveillance of its people.

In the U.S., the wireless industry has struggled as consumers have switched from cellphones to smartphones and tablets.

Apple’s deal will add new wireless carriers and new customers to the U-verse network, a group that is often the first to offer high-speed service to wireless customers.

More: Apple to buy $10B of Huawei’s networks for $3.3B in wireless deals article The Huawei deal is not the first time the Chinese conglomerate has sought to purchase wireless assets in the U., as other Chinese companies have done.

Last year, it bought a network from Sprint Corp., which also has a presence in the United States.

In 2013, Huawei was a bidder for a network in China owned by China Telecom Co., the country’s biggest telecommunications company.

Huawei bought the network from China Telecom for $11 billion.

As the U.-verse wireless market grows in the coming years, the bidding wars for wireless assets is expected.

“It’s a good opportunity to expand and grow the network, and it’s a great opportunity to build out our network and create more choice for consumers,” said Kevin Murphy, an analyst at research firm Ovum.


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