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What to do if you have a transmission problem: What to know

What to do if you have a transmission problem: What to know

Transmission repair can sometimes be as simple as a simple phone call or an appointment with your local service provider.

But if the problem is severe, or if the transmission is leaking oil, it can take days to a week for repairs to be completed.

It can also take up to a month for the vehicle to be repaired.

For many, this can be frustrating because they’ve waited for months to receive their vehicle back, and they’re waiting for repairs that may not be available for a few weeks.

And for others, the wait can be long.

A transmission leak is a common problem.

We get about 1,000 to 1,500 transmission leaks a year in the U.S., and they tend to happen when there’s a problem with a transmission.

Transmission leak in my 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 truck transmission, transmission repair article Transmission leak in the transmission, engine, and transmission cable.

The vehicle has a damaged or defective transmission.

The transmission has a bad or missing valve cover.

The gearbox is worn down, or the clutch is loose.

The fuel pump is not working properly.

The transmission may have worn or corroded parts.

The oil pump is leaking.

The cooling system has a problem.

The engine is running hotter than it should.

Transmission repair can cost thousands of dollars.

If your transmission has leaked oil, the cost can be as high as $1,000.

Transmissions leak oil on the inside of the transmission housing.

Transactions are usually done by a mechanic, but a technician can also repair the transmission in the same way.


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