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What to Know About NJ’s Next Transmission Rate Overhaul

What to Know About NJ’s Next Transmission Rate Overhaul

NJ is planning to use more transmission lines and a higher-capacity substation to boost the transmission rate to about 1,500 megawatts from 500 megawatts now.

New Jersey Power and Light said it would use “significant resources” to increase transmission capacity to 1,400 megawatts.

NJ Power and Lighting and NJ Transit are each building 1,200 megawatts of transmission capacity. 

NJ Power and Solar announced a $1.6 billion plan to increase its transmission capacity by 50 percent and the NJ Transit Railroad Commission said it will invest $250 million in transmission upgrades. 

In November, New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie said the state had more than 2,000 transmission lines, adding that the state was “in the process of acquiring more” than 2.5 million miles of transmission lines. 

The plan to add more transmission will require a mix of upgrades.

It will require more money from the state and utilities to replace aging transmission lines as well as new transmission equipment. 

As part of the plan, NJ Power said it had “significant plans” to upgrade the capacity of transmission poles, substations and substations. 

It also plans to replace the transmission lines in the state’s metropolitan areas, which are used to transmit electric power to the rest of the state. 

Some areas are already having issues, including the state capital, New Brunswick, where transmission lines were down and a substation was down for more than a week last month. 

“The most important thing is to get this problem resolved as quickly as possible,” Christie said at the time. 

Officials with New Jersey Transit said they are “working with NJ Power on this issue,” but the state is working to find an alternative source of transmission to keep up with the increase.


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