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When Will Ford’s Mustang get a Ford Transmission?

When Will Ford’s Mustang get a Ford Transmission?

By now, we’re all aware that Ford has been quietly working on a hybrid supercar that will debut later this year.

But Ford has also been working on other technologies, including a new transmission, which has been in development for some time.

It’s unclear how long it will take to finalize the technology, but there’s been a lot of excitement around the concept since it was revealed earlier this year, and now we have a solid clue on when the new technology will be arriving.

In a new video posted on the Ford Performance website, Ford engineer and senior engineer Chris McLeod shows us the new transmission concept, explaining how the new one will look and feel.

It also includes a teaser trailer, which is probably the best teaser we’ve seen yet.

The first thing we notice is the fact that the transmission is made of aluminum, a metal that Ford claims will be stronger and lighter than steel.

It will also be a “more robust and reliable material,” according to Ford.

The other interesting feature is that the design is based on the same idea that Ford engineers use for its current transmission, called the F-150 Supercharger.

It has been designed to be a plug-in hybrid that can run on batteries, and the new Mustang will use that technology.

McLeod also tells us that Ford will be working on the transmission in two phases: “The first is the production phase, and then the first production version is coming.”

The first production Mustang will have the engine in the middle of the front axle, which will give it an extra degree of agility, which should make it a great performer at highway speeds.

The second phase will see the car getting a transmission upgrade, and this time it will be using a more traditional design that will include an electric motor that will drive the front wheels.

It could also use an advanced version of Ford’s new FlexLink technology, which allows the car to use a lot more fuel than it currently can.

Ford is expected to unveil a new hybrid super-car in 2018.


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