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Why auto makers are delaying the release of the ‘transmission replacement’ upgrade

Why auto makers are delaying the release of the ‘transmission replacement’ upgrade

Auto makers have announced they are delaying their rollout of transmission replacement for 2014 and 2015 models, to give time for the manufacturers to assess the risks associated with the upgrade.

The upgrade is aimed at increasing the durability of the transmission to make it more reliable over the long term.

Transmission replacement is a common technology upgrade that has become standard on new vehicles over the past decade.

In the past two years, auto makers have released upgrades for both 2013 and 2014 models.

The 2014 upgrade, which will include a new type of transmission that will not be fitted to older vehicles, was delayed from the start of the year, with the manufacturer stating that the new technology was more stable and cost effective than the old technology.

But it was delayed for two years and has now been released.

A spokesperson for the Indian Motor Vehicles Corporation told The Hindu that the company was now preparing a ‘transport upgrade cost report’.

“As per our review of the technology, we will announce a revised cost estimate for transmission replacement sometime in February or March,” the spokesperson said.

According to the spokesperson, transmission replacement is expected to be ready in March-April.

The company also said that it was not ready to release the ‘new’ transmission upgrade, even though the company had announced that the upgrade was ready for release in September last year.

“We have not given any date for the transmission upgrade,” the company said in a statement.

“The transmission upgrade will be announced when we have received the cost report from the manufacturer.

Transmission upgrades are a common practice in auto production and the cost will be borne by the customer.

We will not disclose the details of the upgrade in this regard.”

This year, the upgrade for the 2013 model was delayed until mid-April, while the 2014 transmission upgrade was released in mid-November.

In a statement to The Hindu, a spokesperson for Hyundai said that the transmission update was delayed to April.

“We have yet to get the transmission report for transmission upgrade which is expected later this month,” he said.

In December last year, Hyundai had said that transmission upgrade for 2014 models was ready but that the release date for this year would be announced at a later date.


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