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Why does this transmission have the odd curvature?

Why does this transmission have the odd curvature?

Transmission: Vertical transmission The transmission is a bit like a cable, it bends slightly, then it bends again.

It is the curved section of the cable that connects the two sides of the transmission.

The transmission was developed by Japanese auto supplier Nissan and is used on many of its current models.

The curvature is actually caused by a slight bend in the metal in front of the battery.

When a car is driving, a small metal piece called the “blade” bends in a direction, and that bends the metal behind the battery as well.

Nissan is also known for making electric cars with such curved panels, but the new one is the first to feature an actual blade.

In theory, the curvature can be solved by making the metal around the battery wider, as it would take less energy to move the blade than the same metal in the front of a transmission would to move it.

This is what Nissan has been doing in the new transmission, called the Vertical Transmission.

However, there are a couple of problems with the Vertical transmission.

First, the curved metal isn’t particularly thin, and the metal needs to be slightly thicker than the metal at the back.

This means that the metal is curved, rather than smooth.

Second, the vertical metal has an odd curvament that makes it difficult to use with the steering wheel.

Nissan’s engineers believe this is caused by the way the metal moves under load, and it is still difficult to bend the metal.

The Vertical Transmission is a different design from the other Japanese electric cars.

It has no battery pack.

Nissan says it uses a special kind of lithium-ion battery, which is made by Lithium Industries of Japan, which was acquired by Nissan in 2012.

Lithium-ion batteries are not normally used in electric cars, and so they are very different from traditional batteries.

The Japanese company says it will offer the Vertical Battery as an option for the new Nissan LEAF.

However, we are not yet able to test it out.

In the future, Nissan is expected to produce electric vehicles that use a battery that is a lot thicker and more energy dense than the battery that the Vertical System uses.

Nissan has yet to reveal a price for the Vertical system, but Nissan expects it to cost around $30,000.


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