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Why the FCC’s latest rollback of net neutrality is so much bigger than net neutrality in 2017

Why the FCC’s latest rollback of net neutrality is so much bigger than net neutrality in 2017

The Federal Communications Commission’s rollback to the original net neutrality rules in 2015 has been a big success story for net neutrality advocates.

In 2017, net neutrality supporters hope that the repeal will lead to an increase in investment and investment in internet infrastructure.

But that’s not exactly what happened.

In fact, net neutralism supporters are facing a big setback, according to a new report by the FCC.

A majority of net neutrality supporters are now opposed to any changes to the agency’s regulations, which are still largely on hold.

And while the FCC has acknowledged that there are “significant concerns” about the rule’s legality, the report finds that more than half of those opposed to changes have either never read the rules or “failed to understand” them.

The commission, for example, has argued that its regulations have been used to target net neutrality opponents.

However, the data show that most net neutrality backers have only ever seen the rules and never actually applied them.

In contrast, just one in four of those who oppose changes said they’ve read or used the rules, and the vast majority of them have not even heard of them.

“It’s a huge win for net neutralists,” said Aaron Bell, executive director of the Open Technology Institute, which has been working to roll back the rules since 2017.

“The public is getting the message that they have been misled by the media.”

A majority is opposed to net neutrality and net neutrality repeal.

The FCC voted in favor of the repeal in March of this year, but the move is now facing a major setback.

The Republican-led FCC passed the repeal with a simple majority of three votes to one, meaning that no two commissioners can vote against it.

The majority vote was the result of a series of votes on the rules by commissioners, and there were no votes on how the rules should be implemented.

“What we’re seeing now is the majority of the public, including members of Congress, are really pushing back,” Bell said.

“We’re seeing that the public has been misled and it’s really hard for them to understand what the rules are about.”

The vote to repeal the net neutrality protections in 2015 was a big win for internet activists.

But Bell said that the move was never intended to be a permanent change, and instead it was meant to “set the stage for the future.”

For instance, the commission could have passed a permanent repeal of the net privacy rules, which have been in place for over five years.

Instead, they chose to wait until 2021, when the Trump administration will be in office.

“If they were to roll this back now, they’d have to do so without a full repeal of this regulation, which would mean they’d essentially have to go back to 2015 and then 2020,” Bell added.

The rollback will impact people in all parts of the country, with many in rural areas having problems with internet speeds.

But it’s especially significant in the tech industry, where the repeal is a big boon for companies that rely on data for advertising and marketing.

Bell said the net neutralist movement has benefited from the internet, but that’s “not going to happen any time soon.”

He noted that the FCC could still be able to repeal net neutrality later this year and that a new net neutrality rule could be finalized soon.


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